Emigrant Bank

Emigrant Bank

New York, NY

Founded in 1850

Emigrant Bank has a rich heritage dating back to 1850, when it was founded by Irish immigrants as a mutual saving bank to serve the financial needs of a growing America and dynamic immigrant population. Through 16 decades of financial market fluctuations, wars and recessions, Emigrant has ensured the safety and protection of its depositors. Emigrant has helped millions of customers realize their dreams and ambitions and is acclaimed for servicing the credit and banking needs of the New York community for over 160 years.

Emigrant Realty Finance is a nationwide lender making floating-rate balance sheet loans from $10 million to $100 million for senior debt (including senior unsecured) and $7 million to $40 million for subordinate debt. Potential Emigrant Realty Finance borrowers include: Equity, mezzanine and debt funds, Real estate developers, Real estate operators, Public REITs, & Private REITs.