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Dranoff Properties

Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 1998

Dranoff Properties is a Philadelphia-based premier multifamily and mixed-use real estate development company founded in 1998 by Carl Dranoff. Before forming the company, Carl was chief executive of Historic Landmarks for Living and president of the residential division of the Rubin Organization.


Over the past three decades, in true Dranoff fashion, we’ve leaned on unmatched foresight to literally change the landscape of neighborhoods. Large scale urban redevelopment that elevates a community’s prosperity and helps to shape its future is what has defined the company. And, as we move forward, we understand that these past accomplishments afford us invaluable insight into future endeavors. While it’s a new generation at Dranoff, the notion of investing in lives remains.


Since inception, Dranoff has developed or revitalized over 3,800 units across 36+ vacant buildings in 20 cities across the Northeast.