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D. D. Dunlap Companies, Inc

Huntington Beach, CA

D.D. Dunlap Companies, Inc., is a family-owned commercial real estate and property management company with over 85 years of experience. The company is built on the principles of stability and profitability. We strive to build both long term assets and long term relationships with our customers through our core values of integrity, loyalty and respect. We are committed to sustaining our business for future generations and the betterment of our communities. Our core properties are small to mid-size retail centers, managed with pride by our in-house team of professionals. D.D. Dunlap Companies’ portfolio includes retail properties ranging in value from $1 million to $25 million. Balancing our retail portfolio, we also own several agribusiness properties in Southern California. Founded in 1933, the Dunlap Companies is a third generation family owned business, developing and managing retail and commercial properties throughout the Western Region of the United States. D.D. Dunlap Companies’ commercial real estate assets are located in Southern California, Arizona, Colorado and Idaho.