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Curtis Capital Group

Curtis Capital Group

Bellevue, WA

Founded in 2003

Founded in 2003, Curtis Capital Group is a multifamily investment firm headquartered in Bellevue, WA. We are a real estate investment firm specializing in the ownership and operation of apartment communities. Focusing on the multi-family sector, we work to find, identify and buy apartments with significant unrealized upside. Our acquisition strategy takes us to metros with economies that exhibit a diverse and expanding job base, have healthy apartment-market fundamentals and feature a compelling lifestyle component that attracts and retains the city’s residents. We are constantly researching and evaluating new markets in addition to the markets in which we are already invested. Within these select markets we look to acquire properties that can be repositioned through strategic renovations, improved management and enhanced marketing. There are many factors that go into the decision to purchase an apartment property, but none is more important than location. We focus our market search on lifestyle cities. Places that rank high for livability. These cities are magnets for young, well-educated job seekers who value a city’s livability as much as its economic potential. These are cities that offer extraordinary cultural, recreational and civic amenities. Quite simply they are great places to live. Over the long term these cities are going to outperform other markets. This formula has proven successful for us in Seattle, Austin, San Diego, Minneapolis, Phoenix and even Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The overall objective of our business is to provide investors with the real estate component of a broadly diversified investment portfolio. Our goal is to generate exceptional returns while mitigating risk.

Often times our business plan calls for improving a property’s performance through extensive renovations. This may involve exterior work on the buildings and landscaping, and usually includes the apartment interiors.

We know that owning apartments is no different than running any operating business. It’s growing the customer base, keeping those customers happy and in the end – growing revenues.