Cumberland Holdings LLC

Cumberland Holdings LLC

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Cumberland Holdings, LLC, was formed by the Chernoff family to invest its capital alongside investors in income-producing real estate strategies, where the family has spent decades developing expertise. In July 2020, Cumberland celebrated its 10th Anniversary and its growing success. We started with the $5.1 million acquisition of City View Apartments in Portland, Oregon. It was sold 5 years later for $13.3 million, generating investors a 345% return.



During our first 10 years, we acquired 20 properties in California, Oregon, and Washington, and have sold 7 of our properties. Today, we have over 200 active private investors, with more than 70% of our investors engaging in multiple investments.


Cumberland targets investments in value-added, multi-family, and mixed-use commercial real estate in several West Coast markets. We seek to purchase properties that suffer from absentee ownership and poor management. Our strategy is to develop a capital improvement plan to enhance the curb appeal and marketability of properties’ preexisting conditions. Cumberland’s Officers oversee our professional property managers and development firms.