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Crestlight Capital

Crestlight Capital

New York , NY

Formed in 2017, Crestlight Capital is a commercial real estate operating platform with a passion for positively impacting the face of communities through strategic investment and renovation of physical space. Principals at Crestlight have $17 billion of commercial real estate experience over the past 8 years and are highly-skilled professionals that were trained at premier, blue-chip real estate investment firms such as Blackstone, Clarion Partners, Rockwood Capital and Townsend.


Crestlight invests in existing, high-quality office and mixed-use commercial assets within the Sunbelt, Mountain and Central regions of the United States, particularly high growth markets in proximity to innovation and education hubs.


Crestlight has and will continue to foster deep relationships across the industry based on a foundation of trust and results while maintaining a hands-on, methodical approach to investing and a commitment to preservation of investor's capital.