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Continuum Partners, LLC

Denver, CO

Continuum Partners, LLC was created in 1997 around a progressive idea that smart growth could actually lead to more profit.


Because of the complexity of a real estate enterprise, Continuum recruited a broad base of experienced professionals from around the country to build its team. Together, this extraordinary group of people has completed an iconic portfolio of projects that have helped to reshape the way we think about our built environment in the United States.


Today, Continuum’s mission remains the same as it was when it started; to create human habitats of extraordinary character and enduring value.


With offices in Colorado and California and active projects throughout the western United States, Continuum has established itself as a national leader in large scale, mixed-use, urban projects.



Continuum Partners was founded on five unwavering values.



We fully understand that our planet is a closed system. So we are committed to leading our industry towards new methods of development that are both economically viable and ecologically sustainable.


Community Design and The Public Realm

Design should stem from the community’s history, culture, climate and the unique character of its neighborhood and the region as a whole.


Each project should respect the importance of the public realm and the effect it has on human behavior. Through design, a project can and should enhance the community’s character



We believe communities must serve the needs of all people, based on the fundamentals of a thriving neighborhood—access to jobs, housing, education and recreation. Thusly, we are committed to designing and building environments that create the highest quality human habitats for all citizens.



We will always maintain the highest level of integrity in everything we do. When we say we will do something, we do it.


We believe in open communication, listening and searching for outcomes that will further the community.


Enduring Value

While we are clearly motivated by the Internal Rate of Return hurdles embedded in real estate capital structures today, we are most proud of the long term value each of our projects continues to demonstrate. We believe a carefully considered real estate investment can and should gain value over multiple decades.


Finally, we believe our partnerships with community and civic leaders, and our recognition of the cost that development can have on the environment, all lead to better developments. The result is long-term yields that exceed those of similar projects. And that has allowed us to continue to realize our vision for the communities we serve.



To make sure each project is a continuation of the community’s history, culture and unique character, Continuum uses a decentralized project management system. Each is assigned a highly qualified development team based on the specific qualifications and skills of each individual.


These teams receive the support of the full breadth of Continuum services, including leasing, asset and property management, financial analysis and financing. And each project is overseen by senior principals to ensure Continuum’s vision and high standards are realized at the project’s completion.