Cohen Asset Management

Cohen Asset Management

Los Angeles, CA

Founded in 1979

Founded by CEO Bradley Cohen in 1979 and formally incorporated in 1992, the company was originally in the business of acquiring, developing and managing industrial properties exclusively in Southern California before it expanded into other markets in the early 1990s with the advent of the Resolution Trust Corporation, and continued expanding its footprint to over 25 states by the early 2000s. While Mr. Cohen began Cohen Asset Management by investing his own money, he soon extended these investment opportunities to his close advisors and friends. As the firm’s portfolio grew, so too did its talented and entrepreneurial Leadership Team, all of whom have brought a broad range of experience and extensive industry contacts to the organization. Today, the firm’s Leadership Team exhibits a broad range of experience and expertise in the acquisition, financing, leasing, negotiating, managing, and structuring of investment property transactions. With extensive industry contacts and having virtually spent their entire business careers in the industrial real estate sector, the Leadership Team draws on their decades of business, financial, operating and investment experience to lead the firm’s activities.