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Chaucer Creek Capital, LLC

Raleigh, NC

Chaucer Creek Capital provides investment opportunities and asset management services to individual as well as institutional partners. By pursuing acquisition opportunities in markets with high barriers to entry, Chaucer Creek Capital is able to acquire and add value to under-capitalized communities in prime locations that may have been previously overlooked. We focus on properties optimally priced to add value through targeted capital improvements and enhanced, focused asset management.


Over the course of nearly a decade, Chaucer Creek Capital has established a proven track record of integrity and growth by focusing on the fundamentals of property investment and dedicated asset management, generating a net weighted IRR of in excess of 25% on realized investments and yearly 9%+ yields averaged across a rapidly expanding portfolio. As a firm, Chaucer Creek Capital has the collateral and flexibility to move quickly as opportunities arise, while also maintaining the capacity to defensively hunker down and shore up investments as economic cycles begin to shift. With a laser-sharp geographic focus and long-standing relationships in the industry, Chaucer Creek Capital has the power to leverage advantages with parties including brokers, lenders, lawyers, property managers and even competitors.


With offices located in Charlotte and Raleigh, the principals of Chaucer Creek Capital are motivated to invest in the markets where they live and breath. With 65 years of combined experience in real estate investment in the Southeastern United States, Chaucer Creek has developed and reinvigorated more than 30,000 multifamily apartment units in rapidly growing markets including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Winston Salem, Greensboro and Atlanta. Chaucer also spends significant amounts of time in Richmond, Williamsburg, Asheville, Charleston, Columbia, Savannah and Wilmington.