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Capstone Realty Group

Englewood, NJ

Capstone Realty Group is a commercial real estate investment and development company with a focused strategy of acquiring value-add and opportunistic Office buildings, Retail shopping centers, select service Hotels, and Non-Performing Loans from financial institutions and other distressed sellers.

For over 20 years, Capstone has delivered superior returns optimizing real estate investments by redeveloping, rebranding and returning capital on its investments. Our expertise includes: acquisition & valuation, debt financing, private equity syndication, loan restructuring, real estate management and design & development.

Capstone provides in-house Asset Management, Construction Management, Property Management, and Capital Advisory services.

From 1998 to 2019, Capstone successfully acquired 29 deals valued at over $545M including: two non-performing loan portfolios, seven discounted notes and 12 troubled assets from banks, financial institutions and corporate sellers. To date, these deals achieved the following results:

A realized and forecast deal level IRR for the Portfolio is approximately 24.8%.

A realized and forecast deal level Equity Multiple for the portfolio is approximately 2.15X.

The highest return was 45.5%, realized on a June 2009 office building acquisition.

Over $145M of invested equity has been repatriated/distributed across the entire portfolio.

Capstone continued to maintain a balanced approach to its portfolio which includes exiting upon value potential achievement, or refinancing and holding properties that have durable cash flow.