Capstone Collegiate Communities

Birmingham, AL

Capstone Communities was formed in January 2012 as part of the restructuring of Capstone Development, the most active and experienced developer of student housing in the country for more than 21 years. Capstone Development had a portfolio that included 118 communities in 31 states which reflected almost $2.7 billion in project costs and 58,000 beds. Capstone Communities carries on Capstone Development’s legacy in the student housing industry with a specific focus on off-campus/new construction developments and most recently we have expanded our services to include conventional multifamily communities and seniors housing. Capstone Communities is made up of three distinct divisions, each solely focused on one area: Development, Construction, & Management. Together these three divisions allow us as a company to take all of our developments from start to finish including site identification and acquisition, pre-development due diligence, financing and construction through project delivery, lease up and disposition. We creatively lead the big picture of structuring the deal while also using our extensive experience to execute the detailed nuts and bolts needed to make every deal successful. Because we approach every development opportunity as new and unique, we maintain flexibility and innovation throughout the predevelopment and construction phases which allows us to deliver the best possible product in each and every market. In Capstone’s long history, we have worked with many partners including college and universities, city governments, and public-private/non-profit organizations to successfully meet the goals and objectives of each stakeholder often working through numerous and complex development challenges. Capstone Communities will continue this tradition of innovation, flexibility and collaboration.