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Blackfish Companies

Blackfish Companies

Provo, UT

Orca Whales, also known as Killer Whales or Blackfish, are known for their intelligence, loyalty to their family pod, and a great ability to work together with ingenuity for the greater benefit of the group. As an organization we find great inspiration in the Blackfish and try to emulate their strength, intelligence, innovation, and loyalty.


Combined, the Blackfish Investments partners have over 40 years of development and multifamily housing experience. We have acquired over $1 Billion in multifamily assets nationwide and underwritten over $2.5 Billion of real estate acquisitions. Blackfish has also been involved in the development of hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate projects.


We are a full service real estate investment company that specializes in developing, renovating and operating multifamily and student housing communities throughout the United States. With a special focus on urban professional housing, we create unique and innovative projects addressing the specific needs of this fast growing segment of the housing market.