Barnett Capital

Barnett Capital

Northbrook, IL

Founded in 1984

Barnett Capital is the real estate platform of the Barnett family office. The institutional-quality firm is headquartered in Chicago and has been active in real estate related investments for over 30 years. Our mission is to deploy its capital in a “value” investing strategy to generate high returns while mitigating risk by operating within segments of the economy in which it can enjoy a “liquidity premium.”


Barnett invests with sponsors as JV equity partners across the country. We look for opportunities in the fragmented, below the institutional radar, real estate marketplace. We seek to partner with sponsors where value can be added to a piece of real estate through renovation, redevelopment, and increasing existing cash-flows. Our focus is on buying at the right basis providing downside protection.


General JV Terms:

-Investment size: $1-$10M

-Size: Up to 95% of total equity

-Hold: 6-36 months

-Promote: Up to 50/50


Barnett is a DIRECT nationwide lender across all asset classes. Our financing is both fast and flexible. Guaranteed execution.


General Loan Terms:

-Loan Size: $1-$10M

-Interest Rate: As low as 6.99%

-Fees: 1%- 4%

-Term: 6- 36 months

-Recourse and Non-Recourse available

-LTV: Varies by collateral type

-Security: 1 st position or Mezz

-Property Types: All Commercial CRE types (including Land)