Avante Properties

Madison, WI

Founded in 2005

Avante Properties is a real estate company that keeps it real. We know when to get out of our own way and make way for the people who matter. You. We broker land and space, we develop commercial spaces and residences that are top-shelf inside and out. And we manage the properties that we own because, quite frankly, there is only one party that can satisfy your exacting expectations. Us. Some in our business say the devil’s in the details. That just couldn’t be further from the truth. For us, the joy IS in the details. Our expectations are high and our commitment to our customers even higher. We’re deeply involved in every aspect of the design of our buildings because we know how important it is that our tenants have positive interactions – inside and out – with our properties. Think about this, when communities are built on the foundation of corner-cutting, then it’s going to be the foundation that’s the first to go. No thanks. That’s not for us.