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Auerbach Funds

New York , NY

Aauerbach Funds is a real estate private equity firm focused on adding property level enhancements to mismanaged, under-performing, and distressed assets. Our primary objective is to protect our investors' wealth while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns in order to build equity value and consistent monthly cash flow for our investors throughout all market cycles. In partnership with local real estate operating partners, we seek to employ value add and operational enhancement initiatives within a disciplined investment approach to create long term value for our investors and the communities in which we invest. Auerbach builds upon the strength of three private investment funds, and a track record of results, diversification and transparency. The universe of real estate private equity investing is complex and nuanced. Senior management has been involved in the acquisition of over $4 billion of real estate assets comprising of over 15 million square feet. This real world direct experience separates successful risk mitigation from speculation. Auerbach Funds compensation is directly aligned with the performance of the underlying Funds. As such, each and every Auerbach employee is incentivized on fund performance to the investors. On the asset side, we feel that it is important that the relationship between operating partner and capital source must be transparent and aligned. We acknowledge that operating partners have a choice of whom they conduct business with; therefore, it is imperative that an allocator fund be competitive and attractive within the equity marketplace. Our company is among the few allocator funds that can invest in smaller transactions due to the equity size limits we place on our investment vehicles. Typically, smaller transactions are inefficiently priced due to less competition whereas larger transactions are efficiently priced or over inflated due to more competition. The strength of reliable capital is paramount in to realizing opportunistic transcations at attractive pricing. Investing in a Fund structure allows investors the ability to maximize their investment diversification. The Funds' investments are diversified in terms of geography, asset type, investment strategy, and operating partner. To date, Auerbach Funds have invested in over 23 transactions in 8 states. Further, Auerbach has on the ground relationships in over 51 US cities. Wealth preservation must begin with diversification and we believe that this maxim is even more augmented in the Real Estate space.