Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies, LLC

Bannockburn, IL

Alliance is based in Bannockburn, IL on the Northside of Chicago. We do business across the US. Today we have property investments in numerous states across the country. Our professional team is continuously analyzing the market for new opportunities. Just because we focus on commercial properties doesn’t mean all deals look alike. Within this asset class, we can structure specific deals in many ways to fit your cash flow, risk and investment goals. Our sell side partners love working with us. During a sale issues always arise. The partners (e.g. brokers, owners and agents) we work with on each deal learn quickly that they can trust us to guide them through the issues in order to keep the momentum rolling. We work together to overcome any obstacle to achieve the best results for all parties. We believe in structuring deals so that incentives align. This includes putting some skin in the game. Investors can be assured that both ethically and financially, we are motivated to provide the best returns and outcomes for you. Alliance invests in commercial real estate across the US. We focus our investments on net leased properties. Our portfolio includes medical, retail, industrial and office properties. These deals range in value from $1M to $25M.